Purses for Ponies

Trevor Shoemaker and Kris Snowden’s journey began in 2015 when the two old friends from Tucson reconnected online. It was a difficult time for both. With a renewed friendship, they set out to bettering their lives and finding a common purpose. Trevor expanded his pool business in Phoenix, with a new partnership. Kris began by finding a cause close to her heart, animals. Having adopted several special needs dogs, her love for the breathtaking Zenyatta lead her in pursuit of horse causes. After stumbling across the heartbreaking story of the great Ferdinand and his demise, Kris discovered Michael Blowen, former Boston Globe film critic and his organization, Old Friends, the horse retirement facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, dedicated to providing a dignified retirement to thoroughbreds. With a donation, Kris supported 2002 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, War Emblem’s retirement from stud in Japan to Old Friends. To welcome home War Emblem, Michael hosted a party at Old Friends in which he invited War Emblem’s supporters. Trevor revealed to Kris that he long supported horse racing through betting and that he is distantly related to Willy Shoemaker, a “giant” jockey in thoroughbred horse racing, and jockey of none other than Ferdinand, 1986’s Kentucky Derby winner. With that knowledge, it was set. Kris and Trevor accompanied each other to the party in Kentucky. The experience was life changing. New friendships were established with Michael and Dr. B, the farm’s resident veterinarian, and the incredible retired athletes on the farm. Their purpose was discovered, and the mission of the farm became theirs: the commitment to protecting all racehorses, win or lose, dignified in retirement with Old Friends.   

And so it began, in 2018, two old friends from Tucson created Purses for Ponies and dedicated their efforts to supporting rescued and retired heroes beyond the track.  

In horse racing, the highest purses are awarded to the highest finishers. With a purchase of one of our upcycled, high quality purses, you can bet that a portion of the proceeds help foster friendships that last a lifetime!

Our Team

Trevor Shoemaker

Co-founder, designer

Kris Snowden

Co-founder, designer

Jen Doyle

Sales rep, photographer

Sarah Jesseph

Social media director, photographer

Cameron Shoemaker

Sales rep, accounting, logistics

Patrick Stafford

Web design